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Good day and welcome to Divine Nutraceuticals of America!

Divine Nutraceuticals of America (DNA) started up in May of 2014, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. Founded by Keith G Holland, Divine Nutraceuticals of America was born out of a desire to help others while building a globally successful business and the knowledge that we very rarely get all the proper nutrients from the foods we eat.

As a child, Keith watched his parents take Health supplements to ensure they were getting all the nutrients they needed, began taking them himself and as both a parent and grandparent, has ensured that his family takes necessary supplements as well.

But the problem with many of the nutritional supplements from days gone by is the fact that they were often manufactured with synthetic ingredients and additives that did more harm than good - for both the body and the environment! And that is how the DNA selection of health, wellness and weight loss supplements that benefit the person using them, without harming the environment in any way, were developed.

There are major differences between the products that you would buy from mass market retailers such as pharmacies, franchised supermarkets and so called ‘wholesalers’, and those you would find in the natural products industry. Our products emphasize the use of all natural ingredients, and we always make every effort to use ingredients that are one hundred percent organic and non-GMO unless it is impossible.

The type of products that we sell are similar to those one would find in health food stores and natural apothecaries, establishments that are as dedicated to quality, education and service as what we are. All of Divine Nutraceuticals of America’s products are made from the highest quality of ingredients that it is possible to obtain. When it comes to quality control, we employ the strictest of standards in all aspects of our product development.

This involves ensuring the proper identification of ingredients to evaluating their authenticity with laboratory analysis that includes screening for pesticides, herbicides and microbes, as well as heavy metals. If we discover, or even suspect that anything has been irradiated, then it is immediately rejected. It is only once every ingredient at every stage of the production process has met with our high quality standards that a final product is approved and added to our range.

We source only the finest ingredients and raw materials from all around the world in order to create our unique health, wellness and weight loss formulations. We require certificates of analysis from all our suppliers and only once we ourselves have confirmed the authenticity do we accept that their product or material is of sufficient quality to become part of a DNA product. This commitment to quality is what drives us and no product is shipped until it has met all of our exacting standards.

Sustainability is our watchword and is what governs our long term approach to the environmental, economic and social impact of any and all of our business initiatives. Our mission is to be ‘Your DNA to Better Health and Longevity’ and that means we have no choice but to be completely aligned with sustainability efforts. After all, we wouldn’t want our customers to have a long life if we weren’t ensuring that the world they live in would survive as long, and longer, than they do!

We are dedicated to enhancing our consumer’s quality of life by supplying them with only the highest quality natural products and nutritional supplements. And we are well aware of the fact that their sense of well-being demands that the products we provide are manufactured in a caring and responsible manner. The harvesting, extracting and manufacturing of our products should preserve the environment so that future generations can enjoy and benefit from it as well.

Having grown up in a small town with a large family of 12, founder Keith Holland knows how difficult it is to keep a family of any size both happy and healthy. So as part their efforts to improve the lives of their consumers, DNA have decided to contribute 10% of their profits to local charities dedicated to improving the lives of families in need. With their support, they hope that these charities will be able to extend their assistance to even more families who are often desperately in need of a helping hand.

When you decide to purchase a DNA product, you can be sure that we know it has been bought for the most important of reasons - you want to take care of both yourself and your family. And we are motivated by the very same reasons. We are passionate about providing products that are completely healthy. And that is why we have done everything in our power to ensure that our products deliver on a single, all important promise - quality without compromise.